Barbados Bill Help is the source for information on local personal finance products and services. Lenders are identified. Loan products are scrutinised. But this is not just some online loan broker service.

We at Personal Financial Network, Inc. have provided Barbados Bill Help as a service to link Bajans with the aid programmes that might be able to better serve cash shortages. From government aid to charitable grants, it may be possible to obtain much needed relief without becoming indebted.

For example, when rent is late an eviction is possible. Often the first thought is to borrow money to cover the rent payment. Repaying a loan in addition to the monthly rent could be a difficult task for most residents.

However, we have found that a better solution can frequently present itself. Identifying sources of rental assistance could bridge the gap between funds on hand and the total rent payment, thereby preventing the eviction. Rental aid that is grant-based does not have to be repaid.

There are other situations also that could merit a grant where a loan might otherwise be pursued. Utility disconnections can be averted with a combination of funds and mediation. There are aid agencies that can fulfill one or both needs to provide the necessary assistance.

The most commonly met need served by aid organisations is food relief. This is because a large portion of the donations are made in direct food supplies rather than in cash. Families who do not have enough money to meet all expenses can use their money for rent and utilities and then take advantage of food aid whenever it is available. It really helps to make ends meet while preventing the negative consequences of unpaid bills.

The hardest need to fulfill is debt relief. Charities simply do not have the resources to help families who overspent. Government agencies also lack the funding to address debt problems.

Debt counselling is one method for getting some relief. A common product is a debt consolidation loan, which combines multiple small debts into a single recurring payment. While it sounds like a great idea, we can show how there may be other methods for dealing with debt.

We hope that we can meet your financial needs by providing you with objective information on the resources that are available to you. If you cannot find what you need, just ask and we will attempt to track it down for you. Welcome to Barbados Bill Help! It is our pleasure to serve you!

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