BARP links Seniors with financial resources

The Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP) has a policy of helping its own members through financial troubles. BARP can step in during times of need to provide cash grants to members.

Personal Assistance Fund

The BARP Personal Assistance Fund provides much-needed cash assistance for members who have experienced difficulties that are causing them severe hardship. Funds are often used to help catch up on rent arrears to avoid an eviction. Many recipients are able to keep their utilities connected through receipt of a direct grant. Others find that they can buy food when they might otherwise go hungry.

Who is eligible?

BARP members that have at least two years tenure within the association are eligible to apply for aid from the Personal Assistance Fund. Member dues must be fully paid during this time period. Anyone eligible may apply by completing a short form and returning it via postal mail:

Collymore Rock
St. Michael BB14004, Barbados

All requests for aid are reviewed by the Personal Assistance Fund Committee. A committee member will contact each applicant to review their needs and to determine if there is a potential to fund the request.

The purpose of the follow-up consultation is to determine the scope of need so that the Committee can respond appropriately. In optimum situations, the Committee can help the applicant with an outcome that does not require cash aid. When the situation necessitates a grant, funds can be released to the member in order to help them overcome their hardship.

Requests for aid exceed donations received, so some requests cannot be fully funded. The Fund was created by BARP and it is capitalised by members who make donations in order to help out other members. It truly is a great way to give back and help each other.

Members who have questions about the types of requests that are likely to be approved may call BARP at 246-228-7554. A representative can provide feedback on previous requests for aid that were approved.

Members who receive funding will continue to be in touch with the Committee to ensure that they are able to recover from their situation. Any member who finds themselves in solid financial standing is encouraged to contribute to the fund so that a fellow member may be assisted with future problems.


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