Eden Lodge Youth Charitable Trust helps families with utilities

Local families who are struggling to provide for their children have an ally in Eden Lodge Youth Charitable Trust. This organisation is an effective tool used to improve the lives of youth growing up in Barbados.

The charity receives broad public support which funds operations and allows it to give back to the community. Some of the support is provided by the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust.

Over the past several years, the United States Embassy in Bridgetown has also provided grants for the purpose of improving human rights amongst the poor families of Barbados. The grants have been used to purchase school supplies for underprivileged children. Cultural grants have also boosted support to the children who participate in the program.

Kids in the Needy Children’s Program have been receiving uniforms, backpacks and lunchboxes to help them get ready for school. Other gifts include pencils, notebooks and musical instruments. The goal is to quickly prepare the kids of poorer families to be able to succeed in school regardless of the financial situation of their families.

While the Needy Children’s Program has provided direct support for the children, it has taken a more substantial step towards helping improve their lives back in the home. After all, school supplies do little to allow a child to complete homework if the power is disconnected.

Electricity aid has been provided to some families who were unable to pay the arrears on their bills. Funds were paid on their behalf to Barbados Light & Power Co. to keep the electricity flowing.

Other gifts were paid to the Barbados Water Authority towards client accounts. The utility grants had a profound impact on the families whose children participate in the Needy Children’s Program.

Finally, many children were sent home with food for their families. There is a real desire to ensure that children are not going to bed hungry. Furthermore, everyone wants the children to be able to benefit from proper meals in order to prevent malnourishment.

Families who would like to find out more about the comprehensive support provided through the Needy Children’s Program may contact the Eden Lodge Youth Charitable Trust. Support is also provided by DAYS Bookstore, located at Independence Square in Bridgetown.


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