Help with Food

Money problems do not have to lead to hunger. Food pantries can provide much-needed food support for a family experiencing financial problems.

Donations to food banks are made by individuals and corporations that want to give back to the local community. These donations are then used to prevent hunger amongst individuals and families who are short on funds to purchase food.

Instead of doing without, each individual or household may be eligible for substantial assistance thanks to several partner organisations. Each program takes a unique approach to meeting the needs of the community.

Chapel Gap Nazarene Church

Chapel Gap Nazarene Church periodically provides aid to local households who do not have the money for food. Volunteers with the church sometimes provide meals at Heroes Square and other common areas.

The objective of this feeding program is to serve the homeless, yet volunteers find that many more people come to eat even though they are not homeless. Many who have been out of work for many weeks are thankful for the assistance offered by the church.

Barbados Vagrant and Homeless Society

Another community aid organisation takes a different approach to providing food aid. The Barbados Vagrants & Homeless Society (BVHS) attempts to avoid situations where homeless individuals are constantly seeking handouts.

In keeping with the vision of Chairman Kemar Saffrey, BVHS links aid to its employment assistance program. While food is provided, it is subject to the individual actually seeking income through active employment. This way the clients desire to become independent from all aid instead of increasing dependence on public assistance.

HIV/AIDS Food Bank

The HIV/AIDS Food Bank provides supplemental assistance to those who have tested positive for HIV. Many of these clients are unable to work, making it even harder for them to get enough nourishment on a regular basis. Donations include foodstuffs and financial contributions.

Liquid supplements and food hampers are provided to clients who may have different nutritional needs than the average Barbadian. This nutritional balance allows for clients to maintain better health and avoid unnecessary complications.


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