HIV/AIDS Food Bank feeds country’s poor

The HIV/AIDS Food Bank is the largest food bank dedicated to serving a specific segment of the Barbadian population. It has grown to serve a growing need.

Support for the Ministry of Health’s HIV/AIDS Food Bank has been quite widespread in Barbados. As the leading food pantry on the island, this service has been the beneficiary of tons of food donations from the general public.

As a further boost, several corporations have lent their support to the food bank to ensure that some of the country’s most at-risk population has the food aid necessary to prevent hunger and malnutrition.

  • Scotiabank collected donations on behalf of the food bank through their Broad Street branch office as a part of the 100 Days of Improvement Challenge. This challenge was initiated by the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE). Scotiabank employees chose to take a unique approach to their participation in the food drive. Each employee chose to donate at least two locally sourced food items to further benefit local businesses while lending their support to the campaign.
  • The Bajan Firefighters’ Network’s Red Barrel Appeal was led by the Barbados Fire Service. The food drive resulted in donations of nonperishable food items and toiletry items.
  • Xtreme Hikers Barbados delivered a barrel of food items that were donated by individual hikers at their events.

Many of the local churches and nonprofit organisations have also been instrumental in raising support and awareness for the agency. Their support is crucial to be able to provide the necessary support.

The Ministry of Finance has also been a major supporter. Economic conditions have made it difficult to allocate resources, yet the programme is still a major priority for the agency.

The HIV/AIDS Food Bank has seen demand for its services expand, with an average of 400 requests for food aid each month. That is about a 1/3 increase over 2013.


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