Verdun House provides transitional housing to addicts

The Verdun House is a transitional housing and treatment program for lower income Barbadians who are struggling with addiction. Whether drugs or alcohol are involved, Verdun House offers a welcome escape from homelessness along with careful healing program that can cure addiction.

When the Substance Abuse Foundation Inc. (SAF) was chartered in 1996, the original Directors could not have known that their organisation would become one of the leading addiction treatment programs in the Caribbean. Their efforts further gained traction with the creation of Verdun House in 2000. The facility is located in St. John.

What is Verdun House?

Patients who are admitted to the treatment programs have the opportunity to live temporarily in the residential facility. The living situation is really twofold.

First, each resident is housed for 90 days while undergoing treatment. Meetings and group sessions are mandatory.

Graduates may gain access to the Halfway House. This is more than just a transitional housing program. It provides a safe place to live along with the chance to work.

Each resident undergoes a series of job training courses to learn new skills. A match to part-time employment is provided so that each resident gains experience and earns a bit of income.

Once each resident gains sufficient independence, case managers can help them find permanent housing. Ongoing support is still provided to ensure that clients do not slip back into old habits of abuse.

SAF does not imply that people who are homeless are necessarily addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many individuals and families that find themselves homeless often experienced a job loss or crisis situation that caused substantial hardship. There are other programs that assist with homelessness for a wide variety of hardship situations. Verdun House is the transitional housing and treatment option for those that are suffering the effects of drug or alcohol abuse.

Anyone who is struggling to live and has experienced recent setbacks due to drugs or alcohol may find that this charity can help them make a permanent change for good. The treatment is just as important as the living assistance. For more information about the treatment and transitional housing program, call Verdun House at 246-433-3488.


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